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Bhutan Shilajit

Dakini Bhutan Shilajit is collected in the southern Himalayas. It is a precious black resinous substance seeping out mountain cracks. Shilajit originates in the ancient ocean, where life began 100 million years ago. About 65 million years ago the Indian and Asian continents collided to form the Himalayas. Tropical forests and ocean bed plants were crushed and compacted into the earth, along with minerals and nutrients. Under tremendous pressure and low temperature, those plants and essences were pulverized between the rocks where they congealed via microbial action to form Shilajit. Shilajit has become a precious gift from Mother Nature.

A Miracle Substance Handed Down from Ancient Times

The history of the use of Shilajit can be traced back 3 thousand years. The very first use of Shilajit was recorded by the Ayurveda Indian system of medicine. Shilajit has been widely recognized as a natural complex of anti-aging and rejuvenation by Ayurvedic medicine. It is extolled as “source of longevity” for the aged and “a prescription for all ailments”. The ancient Indian text “Caraka Samhita” likens it to “a rock of gold”. The Tibetan Medical Classics refers to Shilajit as the Medicine Buddha’s legendary blessing for all of mankind.

Top Tier Shilajit !

The best Shilajit is known to be from the Himalayas. Bhutan Shilajit is considered the best of all due to its superior conservation and pure environment.

The Limited Release of Bhutan’s National Treasure

Climbing the cliffs and gathering it carefully by hand is the only way to collect Bhutan Shilajit. Once it is gathered by hand from the cracks in the rocks it requires from 2 to 50 years to regenerate, before being collected again. Therefore, regarding it as a national treasure, the Bhutan government restricts and controls the harvest and export of Shilajit each year. The availability of Dakini Bhutan Shilajit is very limited.

Purified with the thousand-year ancient techniques

Dakini Bhutan Shilajit uses only superior quality material and upholds the traditional techniques to produce its premier purity. With ancient wisdom, we add no artificial additives, preservatives, enzymes, or chemicals are added in the process at all and maintain its maximum activity.

Excellent Effects Proven by Modern Scientific Research

Shilajit’s excellent effects on health have been demonstrated by modern scientific researchers. Eastern and western scientists have confirmed various benefits of Shilajit, such as increasing energy, improving physical strength, enhancing bone density, slowing down aging process, and multiplying the absorbance rate of plant-based nutrients in the body.