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The founder of DAKINI left his homeland of Taiwan at the age of 23 and came to a renowned Buddhist college, Dzongsar Institute, in Northern India to study Dharma and become a monk. During the five years of pursuit for Dharma knowledge, he completely immersed himself in the Tibetan culture, exploring arcana of Nature, visiting isolated lands and receiving attunements from seclusive masters. Since then, he learns the unique heritage of Himalayan medicine and highly values the ancient concept of wellness and wellbeing to live with the balance of body and soul, and with the harmony of self and nature.

After returning to his homeland, he witnessed his beloved family and friends suffering from illness for years, which had inspired his devotion to explore the traditional medical system to find the solution of restoring vitality through the most natural ways. For years of exploration, he has gradually established special and deep connections with the Kingdom of Bhutan. Introduced by one of his Bhutan friends, he started to discover and learn the prosperous plant and herb species growing wildly and naturally in this mysterious land, which are much rare and pure than other origin regions and extremely beneficial for health. With the official support from the Bhutan government, these scarce but powerful plants and herbs are proved to be of supreme quality.

By destiny, the founder established the brand DAKINI to sincerely introduce invaluable Bhutan treasures to people. DAKINI, originated from Sanskrit with the meaning of “Spiritual Goddess”, representing limitless Emptiness without boundary achieved by the synergy of inner wisdom and mercy. DAKINI stands for our uncompromising commitment to the products – excellence of purity and quality, respect for life and nature, and contribution to the land and residents of Bhutan.

All the DAKINI products are made of natural produce locally-sourced in Bhutan and processed through the leading biotechnology in Taiwan. We develop a series of valuable and beneficial products for human wellness and wellbeing. Meanwhile, we are committed to the contribution to the purest land of the world, Bhutan, for its long-term environmental protection and improvement of living conditions for its local residents. Let the world's last Shangri-La sustain its happiness now and forever !